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Bungee Jumping & Rafting In Bhotekoshi

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160m over the wild BhoteKosi river

  Located 100km northeast from Kathmandu Valley, Bungee Jumping and Rafting in Bhotekoshi is the adventurous journey with the ultimate experience of supreme Bungee on earth.

  Bungee jumping in Bhote Koshi River gorge is the longest fall in the planet which will bring adrenaline rush in you. In addition, the wild white water of Bhotekoshi, drifting up and down makes the Rafting steeper. Wild and adrenaline-charged jump along with rapid and restlessness rafting in Bhotekoshi River is surly a once in a lifetime experience for every individual.

  We will start our journey from the capital city of Kathmandu to Last Resort (Sindhupalchok). It is a three-hour drive through Araniko Highway, which takes you near Nepal Tibet border. Along with beautiful vegetation and small settlements, you will finally reach your destination. Bhote Koshi is one of the best means to see the country and its character. Once at Last Resort, you will drive to Bungee and rafting location. After enjoying the supreme fall and rafting on Bhotekoshi, you will now return to Kathmandu. You will witness large canyons, roaring waterfalls and shimmering waters of Sun Koshi while rafting in white water of Bhotekoshi.

  Similarly, a 160m drop Bungee is one of the most daring jump. This will be a lifetime memory for every individual. The best season for rafting would be during the time of September to December. Also, during March to June when the vegetation is superabundant, rivers are thundering, and experience a lucky window of clear skies. Though trying it in any other season also would be fine. As long as the weather is favorable, any time of the year is great for Bungee.

  Thus, this journey of Bungee Jumping & Rafting In Bhotekoshi would be one of the finest unforgettable moments of your life.

bungee jumping at bhotekoshi
Do you dare?
rafting in trishuli
Wild White Water Rafting in Bhotekoshi

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